Reflexology – is a pressure therapy whereby pressure is applied to the feet or hands. All of the internal body structures and organs are mapped in miniature on the hands and feet. The body is divided up into energy zones or pathways. When the energy flow is blocked by congestion, disorder or even disease can occur. When the therapist treats a reflex point, the main aim is to enhance the energy flow encouraging the body to heal itself and promoting the systems of the body to work today. It is a complementary treatment, which dates back to ancient times, originating in China and Egypt

"Pain is inevitible, suffering is optional" Buddha

Benefits of reflexology:


  • Improves circulation so increases blood and lymph flow

  • It helps eliminate toxins from the body

  • It breaks down tiny waste deposits known as crystals and encourages their removal

  • It is non evasive

  • It can be used to treat areas remotely, i.e. treat the shoulder if the specific areas itself is too painful say in the case of frozen shoulder

  • Reduces levels of stress

  • Can be relaxing or invigorating

  • Unblocks tense muscles.

I am a registered member of the National Reflexology Association of  Ireland, for more information please click on the link

Reflexology is covered with the following medical insurance providers so you can be covered for up to 12 sessions per year.  Please contact me for more information.