Yoga means union in Sanskrit, to add, to join or to unite which is the union of mind, body and soul. At the Healing Space we strive to teach all aspects of yoga, with the intention that peace of mind should be available to all.

We teach a mix of general hatha yoga classes from beginners right up to the more advanced practitioner. It is essential to note that Yoga is for everyone, for any age group, especially for those who think they are too stiff or inflexible for yoga so whether you want to improve your flexibility, tone your body, improve your circulation, yoga can help you. It improves your mental wellbeing, helps to deal with stress and helps the whole body to become, strong, fit and healthy.

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us" Emerson

The Healing Space also offers classes to anyone in need of inner peace, for those of you struggling with addictions of any kind, please contact me in confidence and weekly yoga and meditation classes will be made freely available to you with complete discretion.


Benefits of yoga

  • Improved flexibility, spine strength and core posture

  • Increase blood circulation to all the organs and your skin

  • Decreases levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone and reduces blood pressure

  • Reduction in weight and body fat around organs

  • Increased levels of concentration and memory

  • Increased lung capacity and digestion

  • Develops discipline

  • Develops strong muscle tone

  • Boosts your immune systems and helps to alleviate pain